1. What is MaximumHYIP Limited?

Recently, MaximumHYIP Limited is one of the best companies, which offer trading benefits to its clients from Forex market as well as from worldwide cryptocurrency exchanges. The field of company’s work closely linked with multicurrency trading.

2. How do you use attracted investment assets?

The team of MaximumHYIP traders operates by most popular of instruments – EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin etc. - to constantly generate stable profits.

3. Which e-currencies do you accept?

We accept Perfectmoney - Payeer - BitCoin - LiteCoin - BitCoin Cash - Ethereum and AdvCash ecurrencies.

4. Is MaximumHYIP Limited an officially registered company?

MaximumHYIP Limited officially registered on 23 October 2017 in the United Kingdom by Companies House registrant under number 11027273. Company's office is located at the following address: 10 Greycoat Place, Westminster, London SW1P 1SB, United Kingdom.

5. How can I check your registration details? Who was your registrar?

MaximumHYIP Limited was listed by Companies House in 2017. Company page:

6. Can someone visit your office to make sure you are real?

Yes, we are ready to meet you in our office within regular working hours, Monday through Friday. Company headquarter is at 10 Greycoat Place, Westminster, London SW1P 1SB, United Kingdom.

7. Is my investment safe with your company?

An investment is absolutely safe. To ensure payment, MaximumHYIP Limited established a special insurance fund. It is intended for full compensation in case of financial loss or force majeure. With the development of any negative scenario, our investors will get 100% of the size of their deposits minus paid profits.

8. How long do you plan to operate?

We hope that our investment activity will gain momentum. We have an excellent business plan, which can be stretched for many years during which we will bring a steady income.

9. What should I do if I don’t get my promised income?

First, you should contact the company's representatives. We do not see cases with a lack of accrual of profit other than force majeure. In any case, you will get your deposit back from the reserve fund. Our guarantor is government of Great Britain where the company is registered.

10. Who can be your investor?

We invite to cooperation all comers. Our investment project is international, so you can become a customer, regardless of your country of residence. Just fill a registration form to start investing.

11. What should I do to be your investor?

To get started you need to register a personal account. Then you can make a deposit and become an active client.

12. Can I register more than one account?

No, it’s strictly prohibited. In case of violation of this rule all accounts of active investor will be blocked with available funds there. In this case, the company does not guarantee return of your investment.

13. Can my family use one computer to register and make deposit?

Sure, this is possible. Family members, work colleagues and your friends can use a single IP address and one computer to register, make deposits and withdraw profits.

14. Is there required some verification procedures of my personality?

This is not required. However, we recommend use your real personal information when registering. This will avoid any misunderstandings in the future related to payments from your personal account.

15. It seems I've lost my password and can't log into account. What should I do?

First, check correctness of data fed - your login and password. In most cases signing in is difficult due to the human factor. If you still have same issue, use the function of password reset.

16. Is it possible to delete my account?

Deleting of your account is impossible, but you can keep it in an inactive state.

17. What investment proposal MaximumHYIP Limited has?

The company offers a differentiated income depending on chosen type of investment. You can make profit on a daily basis or after the end of a certain period of cooperation. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with detailed investment plans on home page of the website or in the section on creating a deposit in your personal account after registration.

18. What is the minimum and maximum amount I can invest?

You can invest any amount in the range of $25 to $300,000.

19. How can I make a deposit?

You can make a deposit using popular payment systems such as Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum , BitCoin Cash and AdvCash.

20. How fast my deposit will be credited?

After you sent money through e-currency such as Perfect Money or Payeer, your deposit will be credited instantly. Due to peculiarities of cryptocurrency – Bitcoin or Litecoin, – time of adding deposits may reach 30-60 minutes, your payment should have at least 3 network confirmations.

21. I've made a deposit in the project. When the first profit will be accrued?

The profit will be accrued on the next day if you have chosen the appropriate plan or at the end of the selected investment period. Check your deposit type in Deposits List section of your personal account.

22. Can I increase my deposit?

No, this function is not implemented technically. However, you can make multiple deposits using same personal account. Note that your deposits is not combined in this case.

23. What are the limits of withdrawal amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount is $0.1 for Perfect Money and $1 for Payeer and cryptocurrencies. No maximum limit.

24. How fast can I withdraw money?

For safety and security of invested funds, all withdrawal requests are processed manually within 12 working hours. Typically we are trying to process your requests as soon as possible in time-frame established.

25. Can I make deposit using one payment processor and withdraw profit through another one?

This is not possible for now. You can only withdraw through the same payment processor, which served as the source for deposit.

26. Is there affiliate program offered by MaximumHYIP project?

Yes, the company pays for promotion and attracting new investors. After any of your direct referrals makes deposit, you get 5% commission.

27. How can I use affiliate program of MaximumHYIP?

Each registered user has unique referral link in his personal account. Regardless of whether you have an active deposit or not, affiliate commission will be paid.

28. I have not found the information I need.

If you still have questions, please contact our customer support team. You can get help at any time, using email or feedback form at

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